Where to Stay?

Utila is a favorite destination for backpackers. Utila offers a warm welcome to travelers from all over the world. You will not have to travel to long before finding travel-friendly accommodations to fit any budget. Our aim is to bring you trustworthy places to stay in Utila. For a list of long-standing establishments on the island here here; you'll be glad you did. Lets get started. 

What to Do?

Scuba Diving is by far the largest attraction for Utila. In part, because scuba diving in Utila is good year round. That said, the island is a magnet for backpackers traveling across Central America. Each year, groups gather in Utila for its annual festival. Still more, Whale Shark encounters are common on the island of Utila and this too brings visitors from all over the world. 

Where to Dive? 

Utila has long been known for Whale Shark encounters. Whale Shark migration and feeding patterns take them through Utila every year. It is no coincident that the Professional Association of Diving Instructions (PADI) has one of its largest hubs in Utila. Scuba Diving in Utila is world-class, and that alone gives good reason to visit the island. Here are a few operators. 

“Utila packs a solid punch. This little island is a must for travelers passing through of for anyone looking to stay for a while. Utila is remote, alive, and a must do."